Gas Vs Electric Chainsaws- Merits And Demerits

Electrical Chainsaw

If you are planning to buy a chainsaw for your home garden’s use and confused over the various option available, this is the right article for you. This short article allows you know the pro and cons of both electric chain saws as well as the gas powered chain saws. Many stores both online and traditional ones offer the best chainsaw for homeowners who can able to choose the right one according to their individual needs. For an extensive comparison, a buyer can also browse before making the final decision. This write up gives a good guideline for the buyers so that they can buy the right product with great ease.

Facts you need to know about both types

The good old chain saws used in yester years have to be operated by two or more persons as they were large in size as well as in weight. Things have changed over the decades as we have a wide range of options to choose from various sizes from small to large, and from gas operated to electric or battery operated units. Undoubtedly, there are a plethora of options available for the modern buyers ranging from home buyers to professional wood cutters.

They need to make the simplest option to make while shopping for a brand new chain saw. They need to choose between gas and electric ones as per their requirements. Both these types have merits as well as few demerits. However, the selection lies with the buyer who alone knows which chain saw is appropriate for his job. Read further to know the intricacies of both these types of chain saws and choose the best one that can meet your expectations.

Gas Chainsaws & Electric Chainsaws- Pros & Cons

Gas Chainsaws: Being operated with a mixture of oil and gas, gas chain saws are widely used to cut large trees as well as large woods from the fallen trees. In general, this type is preferred by professional foresters for doing various activities such as cutting fire woods, storm clean up, sawing down trees

Pros: This kind of saw comes with different power ratings, and hence it is well suited for cutting all sizes of trees in a quicker time. Such flexibility cannot be given by the electric chain saws as they have some limitation on the power they can deliver. This type of units can work anywhere as it does not need any source of energy like the electric ones. Users can avoid the hassles of the cumbersome power cord, power outlet, etc.

Cons: These types of units are bulky and hard to carry into the deep forest areas. This is the real feature that makes it less ideal for smaller jobs and hence not preferred by several homeowners.

Electric Chainsaws: Undoubtedly, these electric chain saws are preferred by most homeowners for its simple operation. This type is widely used to cut small branches, and for trimming pruning tasks in the home yards.
Pros: Being light weighted, homeowners prefer this unit. Also, it starts quickly unlike the gas operated saws. It is more user-friendly and also protects the environment to a great extent.

Cons: Needs a power source and usage of cord seems to be a cumbersome especially in thick forest areas. Also, this type has some limitation with regards to its power ratings.

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