A Perfect Guide For Growing Plants Indoors Using Grow Lights


People who wish to grow plants in their house feel disappointed with limited outdoor space in their house. They can very well grow plants indoor using grow lights. Grow lights have become popular for urban farming. There are various types of grow lights available in the market. CFL and LED grow lights are the most widely used by people to grow plants in their indoor space. People mostly make use of 600 watt grow light for growing plants indoors. The link www.insideottawavalley.com/community-story/8105517-some-tips-to-successfully-grow-plants-in-your-homes/ offers some essential tips to grow plants using grow lights.

You should be aware of various factors when you wish to make use of grow lights for growing plants indoors. The article below would serve as a perfect guide to grow plants successfully using grow lights.

Types Of Grow Light
It is critical that you choose the right type of grow light for your indoor garden. If you’re growing plants commercially, then it is highly recommended to make use of HID type of grow lights. You can also prefer sodium lights of high pressure. It is enough to make use of CFL or LED grow light when you wish to grow plants for meeting out your kitchen needs. Plants require two types of light namely white and red spectrum to grow well. Thus ensure that the grow light you choose for your indoor garden emits the above two types of light. You can make use of HID lights as it offers the white spectrum light which aids in the propagation phase of your indoor plants. High-pressure sodium light is used as it provides the red light which is responsible for the effective flowering of your indoor plants. CFL and LED grow lights are economical as it can be made to offer the mixture of both white and red lights.

Pros And Cons
You should be aware of the advantages and disadvantages of the various types of grow lights available in the market. HID grow lights are mostly used for commercial purpose, i.e. when you grow a huge amount of plants indoor. This grow light offers high output of light. The disadvantage of this type of commercial grow light is that they are expensive, hot and noisy. CFL lights are suited for indoor plants and are economical. The light offered is not sufficient for growing many plants. LED lights are perfect grow lights as they offer brighter light to your indoor plants. Your plants do get heated up due to the light. LED grow lights are expensive than other types of grow light.

Other Considerations
The next step in setting up a grow light for your indoor garden is choosing the right type of hangers to mount the grow lights. Choose a hanger which is adjustable so that you place the grow light closer or away from the plants depending on the grow light you choose. The other things that you should consider when dealing with grow lights is that the time you keep the grow light on. You can also make use of a grow light timer to monitor the time when you keep the lights on.

The above article would help to know about the ways to make use of grow lights for growing indoor plants successfully.